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Fort Bovisand, Plymouth This picture was taken only a couple of months before my accident, we were pointing to a badge that belonged to another diver (I was borrowing his wetsuit)! I was on board a dive boat with our diving club NELP (North East London Polytechnic) Dive Club run by the BSAC, the British […]


The Shrek joke is old! Isn’t Shrek a lovely character?! I think Shrek 1 is the best, read here for more SHREK. I think Some carers see me as a easy target to practice on and how can I say No, hehe! How can I refuse a lovely face wash, then all that gel going […]


Well it’s been lots of fun! I think growing vegetables is not easy, don’t let anyone convince you it is! It is very rewarding and very tasty! I started off with the simple things: potatoes, onions, peas, spinach, oh beetroots and a few sunflowers thrown in because they make everyone smile!! Read here for more […]



Where is this?It’s Deal in Kent! I try and pop down to this area when I can, it’s got a lovely little pier, the beach is all… Ermmm stoney! When you are along the beach you can imagine the smugglers there 150 years ago, don’t take my word for it… look here Arrr, Jim Lad! […]


Any guesses when this picture was taken? Yes Yes Yes…. Christmas! Christmas for me is a quite time, it’s good to sort out all those things that were missed from the previous months before… editing pictures, writing up diaries, sorting out my Mac… deleting the files that somehow just don’t get deleted! looking/rewriting this website, […]


So where is this? If you have been in this area you might know where it is, it’s Brighton Marina! I have been known to go shopping there, yes to Asdas! Going to Brighton is a nice day out, there’s the pier, some really nice beaches, rock pools, places to eat… here is one of […]


OK… what is this? So what do you think it is? …go on have a good look, don’t cheat and scan your eyes to the end of this text!! The sun? Go on look again. OK let me tell you a story… I found out I was diabetic Type 2, about 7 years ago, I […]


So where is this? If you went to the Olympics in 2012… you might know where it is, it is Stratford Station. So what does “Para” mean in “Paralympics”? The present formal explanation for the name “Paralympic” is that it derives from the Greek preposition παρά, (“beside” or “alongside”) and thus refers to a competition […]


Butterflies! Butterfly World at Watford. This is a place for lovely day out, not far from London, Butterfly World! When I was there I read Butterflies range in size from a tiny eighth of an inch to a huge almost 12 inches, Butterflies can see red, green, and yellow… Butterflies taste with their feet. …oh […]