Yes we all different, many people have disabilities, some without even knowing it.

I often get asked about my life and the care that I have, so I have put a few relevent pictures and words together so hopefully you can understand more about spinal injury and disabilities in general.

In 1999 I was given awful treatment at Oldchurch Hospital in Romford, Essex (new building, now Queens Hospital) that led me ending up back at my spinal injury unit at Stoke Mandaville, they did a great job patching me up over 6 months! There’s no doubt that the care has changed so much for the better since I had my accident, some 20+ years ago to now. After 26 months I left hospital with the standard heavy metal wheelchair and a foam 16″ x 16″ cushion and a pillow case…this was luxary! Now the wheelchairs are lighter, you receive a Roho or Jay 2 cushion and the issue is all about prevention rather sorting the problem out after they happen.

I sit – I think – I do – never underestimate yourself

At 18 I had a accident in a swimming pool, I hit my head on the bottom, this broke my spinal cord (I’m a typical C5/6, with a complete break). I’m often asked will there be a cure for spinal injury? Look at these 2 websites as they are up to date: UK and a USA one… and now there are stem cells, this shows stem cells moving forward every year. As a result of breaking my spinal cord I was in hospital for over 2 years, I had some 14 cardiac arrests, the list goes on… it’s just amazing what the body can take! It was a rough time for my Mum, Dad and friends.

My accident has left me with limited movement from my chest and arms down. I am not a sick person, just a person with a disability. Everyone has disabilities if you think about it, no one is perfect!